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"I moved to Palm Harbor, Fl. from New York in 1998. In May of 1999, I was admitted to Mease Countryside Hospital for severe abdominal pains. I did not have a doctor, so the hospital assigned one to me - or I should say I was assigned to her. Little did I know then that doctor would be responsible for actually saving my life.

Dr. Vijay Taunk took over my medical needs and was vigilant in finding out what was wrong with me. The pains were getting worse and Dr. Taunk never gave up on trying to find out what was going on. I did wind up having surgery, and if it were not for Dr. Taunk's expertise, professionalism and kindness I would not be here today to write this. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for her.

In late 1999 I bought a house and moved to Hudson, FL., about 20 miles or so north of Dr. Taunk's office, and still drive to Palm Harbor for my appointments with Dr. Taunk. Over the last 11 years she has tended to all of my physical ailments. Not only is she a superb Doctor, she is very caring and sweet. We have established a wonderful doctor/patient relationship over the years. She is truly my Angel.

I do not hesitate to send any of my friends and family to her because I know she will help to cure what ails them. She even probably saved my husband Pete's life more than once. In 2005 I took him to see her because he had a lump on his neck. We didn't think much about it but when Dr. Taunk examined it she immediately referred him to a specialist. It turned out to be cancer. Then in 2009, my husband was experiencing pain in his legs; he had back problems in the past so he went to a spine doctor and after he had 2 back surgeries, his legs hurt even more. During one of his appointments with Dr. Taunk in the beginning of 2010, he complained about still being in bad pain, and she told him to take off his sock, she felt for a pulse and could not find one. She once again steered him in the right direction. He had 90% blockage in one leg, and 70% in the other; Peripheral Artery Disease.

Dr. Taunk is a very special person and an excellent Doctor. She is caring and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the latest treatments.

Dr. Taunk's staff, Erika and Niki are also very special. They are two wonderful people. The office is managed professionally and accurately. On a personal basis they are also caring and supportive."
~ Sharon and Peter K.

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