Photo of Dr. Taunk   Vijay Taunk, M.D.
    2595 Tampa Rd Suite K
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
(727) 789-6551 phone
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Dr. Vijay Taunk ~ Board Certified Internal Medicine

Dr. Vijay Taunk is very dedicated, compassionate, experienced Internist.
     "I treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. And I don't stop until the patient is cured."

Dr. Taunk's Values ~

Approach ~ Caring, concerned and competent

Responsive ~ Same day return of patient calls; time reserved for same day appointments; available 24 x 7 on call emergencies

Philosophy ~ Comprehensive treatment plans that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional, natural medical approaches to restore health and treat diseases.

Primary Care ~ Coordination of care with specialists, hospital, nursing home and assisted living facilities.

Special Focus ~ Weight Loss program, combining nutrition and medication, supervised directly by Dr. Taunk, Internist. Priced to be affordable.