Dr. Vijay Taunk Palm Harbor FL   Vijay Taunk, M.D.
    2595 Tampa Rd Suite K
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
(727) 789-6551
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"We matter! This is the way Dr. Vijay Taunk and her staff genuinely feel about their patients. She is approachable, compassionate and listens very intently. Her skills and knowledge are current and expansive. Dr. Taunk has an easygoing personality that helps when discussing sensitive and personal issues. Questions are taken seriously even when I think it trivial. If she does not have an answer, she and her staff will do the research to find an answer; and she knows when a referral is needed.

Dr. Taunk and her staff make me feel special and important. Most recently, I was in the middle of changing insurance companies. Erika's front office expertise helped me walk through an insurance land mine; and ... just in the nick of time, so that my husband was able to have heart surgery.

I have the greatest admiration and respect for Dr. Taunk and her staff Erika and Niki. This is a very warm and comfortable office; not rushed; and with a genuine concern for their patients because to them: We Matter! Loyal Patient for four years."
~ Jean C.

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