Dr. Vijay Taunk Palm Harbor FL   Vijay Taunk, M.D.
    2595 Tampa Rd Suite K
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
(727) 789-6551
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"My sister Maria and I have known Dr. Taunk for the last six years. From the start of our patient-physician relationship, we encountered Dr. Taunk's ability to incorporate holistic and integrated medical principles into her care. She provides the absolute highest level of care and dedication. There is no question that you ask of Dr. Taunk about your medical concern, for which she does not have an answer. If Dr. Taunk does not have the answer readily available, she will research the problem and will quickly provide you with an answer. To sum up Dr. Taunk's character, she practices medicine with complete dedication, compassion and thoroughness. Thank you Dr. Taunk for all your caring and for being our physician."
~ Ana C. and Maria P.

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